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Dulce Kuniyuki

The club brings quality speakers that deliver valuable information that helps us make investment decisions in order to help us grow our wealth

Darcy Price

The reason I joined the LVIC was for the great info & speakers we have at every meeting. The investment opportunities that are offered, never any pressure to invest, however the info and opportunity is there. The integrity of the leaders and members is exceptional. It is not just about finance, we talk about health, community and are always learning. If an of this interests you, please come join [...]

Michael Johnson

I have been with the Club for a year. During this time, Mike has always arranged top rated speakers on a wide range of investment-related topics for all of our monthly meetings for the purpose of giving us a wider education. He also vets the investments offered by the Club, so we have a higher probability of success. In fact, there has not been an unsuccessful project since I [...]