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Gary Bates

I appreciate the opportunity to invest in private placements that generate cash flow and appreciation. With regular interaction with those individuals responsible for the investments as well as education from very knowledgeable people in multiple disciplines I have also been exposed to concepts that challenge my thinking and met and developed friendships with exceptional people.

Darcy Price

The reason I joined the LVIC was for the great info & speakers we have at every meeting. The investment opportunities that are offered, never any pressure to invest, however the info and opportunity is there. The integrity of the leaders and members is exceptional. It is not just about finance, we talk about health, community and are always learning. If an of this interests you, please come join [...]

Annonymous 2

The LVIC is a collection of people that all want the best of what America has to offer. The freedom to pursue the American Dream. To that end, our meetings have world class speakers, along with an annual Econno Summit featuring the vary best educators, economists, and others that teach us about.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.