The 2021 ‘Kickoff’ meeting first video focuses on the Fitness Projects.

ICOA Members 
The 2021 ‘Kickoff’ meeting first video focuses on the Fitness Projects.

More than 75% of members are involved in the fitness project and/or the documentary project. 
In this short video (below) CEO, Jeff Clark, gives an update on what is happening with our investments.
He updates us on our gyms in California, Texas and Mexico.
In addition, he updates on the documentary project.  

With respect to our American Gyms,
Jeff updates on the landlord issues, the equipment leases and all aspects of the company.
The news was very positive and although many companies have gone out of business, not only will we survive but we will thrive. 

Our involvement in Mexico has outperformed all our expectations and it is Virgin Territory without nearly the level of competition that we have in the USA.  The success is compounded further by lower labor rates and leasing costs and the monthly revenue per member is higher in Mexico than America.  
In addition, our cost per lead to converted member is a fraction of the cost of what we pay in America.
Finally, our digital marketing efforts have proven highly successful in Mexico.
Our only problem – is a great problem to have: “we have too many leads and it is difficult to respond to the demand” but the good news is – we are building the systems to get this solved quickly.
Jeff has never seen these results in America and describes them as “off the charts”. 

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ICOA Meeting / Jan 28, 2020 / Gyms Project