We all want to make more money on our investments. But did you know that more than ninety percent of traditional money managers underperform the stock market in relation to the market index? This is especially true for investors with managed IRAs and 401 (k)s and in many ways this underperformance by money managers is a long, slow march to the poor house. In contrast, the Investment Club of America encourages its members to look beyond the financial services industry for guidance on their investments and the Club has a solid track record of proven success.

Much of our success is due to the fact that we take an active role in the companies in which we invest and often serve in an advisory capacity or on the Board. Collectively, members bring expertise in both the vetting process and/or at the management level.
Several members have skill sets that directly relate to the companies in which we invest.

In terms of the process, Club members can opt in or opt out of any deal and 90 percent of the club members are accredited by securities definition ($1 million in net worth, not including their principal residence).

In addition to offering access to investment opportunities, the Club focuses on providing high-level education with world-class speakers for its members on a monthly basis and offers unparalleled networking opportunities.
The Investment Club of America is truly a club for THE SERIOUS INVESTOR.

The Las Vegas Investment Club is proud of its performance – check the LVIC Investment Portfolio.

Reasons Why the Investment Club of America Exists

This video explains why the Investment Club of America was Formed. We have many concerns with respect to the financial services industry and the club works to empower members to oversee their own affairs and not rely on financial advisers that charge huge fees. In this video you will see the adverse effects of managed money and the true mandate that drives the industry that is not in the best interest of the investors.

The Investment Club of America works a much better option and we invite you to watch the video!

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