Convention of States


Dear Senator Ward and Senator Mooney,

I understand that you are working, in your State, to rescind the Convention of States (COS) that had previously passed.

Mr. Mark Meckler, the Founder of this movement, spoke at a recent community event that I hosted (video link below).   You are likely aware of Mr. Meckler’s campaign to speak to groups (one at a time) related to this issue, as the information is not available through the media or conventional channels.

What becomes evident in this video is that those who become familiar with the COS movement become interested, and in many cases, side with the COS position. (Please consider that most of the people in the room videotaped were conservative, retired or semiretired individuals of ‘means’.)

The cause brought support, that evening, in the form of donations from every single person in the room.    That is correct EVERY PERSON IN THE ROOM DONATED TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE!!!

I am not implying that 100% of Americans support this movement but at this meeting 100% of the 58 (older, conservative) persons, in attendance, meaningfully supported the COS.

I have no idea how you can think you are representing the interests of Americans by working to rescind COS?   If your argument is that the Convention of States can have a “rogue convention” then that argument holds no validity due to the process that must happen back at a State level for any change to occur to the Constitution.

I am really curious what is your motivation is in attempting to undo this?

You response will be shared with the 58 persons that were present at the meeting (plus a larger group unable to attend) and we will ask that they share it with as many people as possible on social media and other forms.  We discussed your actions last week at a meeting and there were emotions from disappointment to outward hostility to your actions and we would like to hear from your point of view why you are working to take power away from the citizens of America and allow the Federal Government to continue to have too much power that was never intended?

Again below is the video:


Dear ICOA Members,

One of the pillars of the Investment Club of America (formerly Las Vegas Investment Club) is community involvement. The overall consensus of ICOA members is that the U.S. Federal Government has overstepped its purpose and has far more power than was ever intended by our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution.

Mark Meckler, Founder of Convention of States Action (aka Citizens for Self-Governance) recently presented at a club event, discussing the original intention our Founding Fathers had with forming the Federal Government. Convention of States Action ( is one of the leading organizations actively working to hold a Convention of States as outlined in Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

I think all Americans agree that the Federal Government’s spending is out of control and there is very little bipartisan cooperation to get real results for American citizens. There are many important issues, but Congress seems more consumed with political battles and members getting re-elected, rather than improving the lives of American citizens.

What is most impressive about the effort to convene a Convention of States is it is purely a grassroots movement led by community groups, such as the Investment Club of America, who want to see change and restrictions placed on the Federal Government, including: establishing term limits on Federal politicians, limiting the power of unelected bureaucrats and lobbyists, forcing the Federal Government to pass a balanced budget, and most important of all, bringing power back to the states, which was the one of the primary intentions of our Constitution in the first place.

We invite you to watch Mark’s speech to club members last month. Afterwards, 100% of the room supported the Convention of States and every member in the room donated. This truly is a strong testament to the popularity of the movement and evidence that once this message is delivered to all Americans, we will gain the support necessary to make these much needed changes and put power back in the hands of the people, instead of special interest groups and lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday, May 22, following our regular club meeting, ICOA will be holding a special meeting to develop a game plan to assist with getting the Convention of States passed in Nevada. Please come to this meeting if you would like to learn more and become more involved in the movement. As usual, our May 22 club meeting will start at 6:59 p.m. sharp at The Orleans Hotel & Casino (2nd floor) in Las Vegas. The Convention of States meeting will follow around 8:00 p.m. You are invited to join in and make a difference to benefit all Americans and protect our Children’s Future.

Here is the video: