Famous Sport Director, Bobby Razak, speaks at ICOA Event.

It was a wonderful night filled with promise for the future. The night was truly special verily witnessing history in the making. Famous sports director Bobby Razak spoke at the I.C.O.A. Premiere event at the Aherns in Las Vegas.
Mr. Razak showed us a special viewing of some of the content that will be featured in the I.C.O.A. latest venture.
A chronicle of a time passed in the MMA fighting genre.

While he was setting up he took some time out to tweet a couple of things.

You can view his specific tweet here.

¬†And as well… During the premiere we had popcorn, pizza, and salad for the members to enjoy.
I did have some time to take some pictures from the night. However, I was not able to take them during the meeting as we had a strict rule for cellphones that night due to the nature of the premiere. Here are some that I did get to snap however, before and after.