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Richard Pietroski

My investment experience with Mike Lathigee and the Club over the last several years has met or exceeded my expectations. Recent invetsments managed by Mike Lathigee have had a positive return, for the most part exceeding other types of investments (S&P 500, real estate, other market indices). The educational mandate of the Club has also been fulfilled in an exemplary manner. Whereas general news outlets now present useless nonsense [...]

Eric Wong

I have gained a lot of knowledge on different businesses and trends and have a much better understanding of the economy. I have participated in a number of the club projects and have seen good returns from them. I have also learned a lot from how these projects are developed by the way they are managed, as we are party to this detail.

Troy McNaughton

I was a first time attendee to an LVIC meeting and was impressed the with optimism in the group as well as the diversity of speakers and their subject matter.

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  1. ICOA August 26th Meeting

    August 26 @ 6:59 pm - 9:00 pm