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Joe Baker

Very much worth joining as the out of state member that I am.

Jim Sandoz

Having been a member for three years, I find the educational aspect of the Club to be very fulfilling. Mike has been very responsive in answering my concerns. He brings in world class presenters to our meetings and seminars that I always look forward to hearing.

Rich Durepos

I have been involved with Mike Lathigee in investment clubs for 12 years. Mike's micro and macro economics teachings have empowered me in my investment portfolios, personal development, and career opportunities. The experience has led me to multiple streams of income and financial independence. The Club keeps me on track. I like what was said at the recent EconoSummit... “Alone you can go fast. Together, we can go far.” [...]

Upcoming Club Events

  1. ICOA Econosummit 2020

    February 29 - March 1