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Jane Enus

Only a first year member I’m still evaluating the benefits of membership in the LVIC. I’m impressed with how the club projects and the time and effort and caring that Mike Lathigee puts into making things happen

Marse McNaughton

Really appreciate the forward thinking, constitution loving people who are optimist about the future, understand the value of education and working on ways to help make America a better place one person at a time. Also appreciate the track record of the club and the people who have worked to make it so.

Mr. Travis Krauss

MEMORANDUM FOR ALL CONCERNED PARTIES FROM:   MR. TRAVIS KRAUSS SUBJECT:    MR. MIKE LATHIGEE PROFESSIONAL CHARACTER To Whom It May Concern: In the fall of 2015, Mike and I were introduced by a common acquaintance and shortly thereafter we began discussions pertaining to business investments.  I quickly learned of Mike’s leading efforts in other business endeavors and investments, including a local Las Vegas investment club, a large gym franchise, etc [...]

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There are no upcoming events at this time.