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Jerry Paluha CPA

LVIC has opened the doors to a better human and its not just making or increasing ones wealth but more importantly meeting many other members, learning from many one of a kind people. It also brings not only a concern for ones health but the health and welfare of our community and country. It makes us aware of what it is to live in America and understand that freedom [...]

Marse McNaughton

Really appreciate the forward thinking, constitution loving people who are optimist about the future, understand the value of education and working on ways to help make America a better place one person at a time. Also appreciate the track record of the club and the people who have worked to make it so.

Eric Wong

I have gained a lot of knowledge on different businesses and trends and have a much better understanding of the economy. I have participated in a number of the club projects and have seen good returns from them. I have also learned a lot from how these projects are developed by the way they are managed, as we are party to this detail.