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Iris Fields

I have been a member of the LVIC for many years. When I first joined there were meetings, that I attended, where there were 20 people or less in the room. Today we have meetings with 50 to 75 members attending on a regular basis. All members are like minded investors from all walks of  life. The club makes an effort to bring in the best speakers from all [...]

Chris Yoshimura

For five years, Mike has been instrumental in my investment decisions. He has inspired me to increase my educational and health experiences in a positive way. I now spend somewhere between 4 to 16 hours a week studying and reading about investments and the economy... I'm also very happy with my investments through the Club; there's nothing like positive cash flow! Thank you, Mike, for your support. [...]

Arnold and Zipora Keller

My wife and I joined the Club in November 2018. Our experience since then has been outstanding due to Mike’s dedicated guidance and market insights. He has introduced us to two different investment opportunities in a short time. We have chosen to invest in one of them and have great expectations that it will do well based on the track record of the principals. We are well pleased. Thank [...]

Upcoming Club Events


    November 6 @ 8:00 am - November 7 @ 5:00 pm