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Richard Svoboda

The club has been beneficial to me in several ways. My intent upon joining was to access the private investment opportunities however the intangible benefits are in a better and healthier outlook and lifestyle both financial and otherwise. I have met members who have become friends. I am amazed at Mike Lathigee’s leadership and energy level. I agree with the ideas expressed by the club as to the future [...]

Jerry Perkins

I've been involved with Mike and the Club for two years. Mike has been completely open about his history in business. Every deal Mike has presented has been great and has perfomed as proposed. Mike's choice of speakers is also superb; they have been very knowledgeable and beneficial to me.

Ira Victor

I am a professor of economics and what I appreciate about the club is the fantastic economic speakers that are presented. As a former private banker in Silicon Valley I also see the professionalism of the Las Vegas Investment Club A person who has some wealth would be a fool not to join the club

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