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Jim Akamine

After six years in the Club, I am very satisfied and recommend the experience to others. Mike is an excellent person who cares about others. I offer him my thanks for making investment opportunities available to me that the normal person could not find. Due to what I've learned through Mike and the various speakers, I now consider myself a sophisticated investor.

Neil Bates

The EconoSummit and the Club itself, are both very well run. I joined the Club after Mike Lathigee spoke at FreedomFest in July 2016. I understand the enormous amount of work (even in spite of future economic returns expected for the manager) it takes to keep an organization growing, functioning, and making money; organizing meetings and conferences; and keeping new deals flowing in and old deals performing. I really [...]

Natalie Stone

Highly knowledgeable, successful and humble folk who take action, make money and enjoy time together. An awesome group that’s a privilege to be part of and one that will change your life.

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