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Mr. Travis Krauss

MEMORANDUM FOR ALL CONCERNED PARTIES FROM:   MR. TRAVIS KRAUSS SUBJECT:    MR. MIKE LATHIGEE PROFESSIONAL CHARACTER To Whom It May Concern: In the fall of 2015, Mike and I were introduced by a common acquaintance and shortly thereafter we began discussions pertaining to business investments.  I quickly learned of Mike’s leading efforts in other business endeavors and investments, including a local Las Vegas investment club, a large gym franchise, etc [...]

Robyn Bonk And her son Tyler Salari

The investment opportunities I have been able to participate in with the club are opportunities I could not have realized on my own. Tyler Salari The knowledge I’ve obtained through the speakers who are well known or professionals in their fields has been very beneficial. I have enjoyed not only their financial information but also hearing about their live experiences and what it [...]

Richard Pietroski

My investment experience with Mike Lathigee and the Club over the last several years has met or exceeded my expectations. Recent invetsments managed by Mike Lathigee have had a positive return, for the most part exceeding other types of investments (S&P 500, real estate, other market indices). The educational mandate of the Club has also been fulfilled in an exemplary manner. Whereas general news outlets now present useless nonsense [...]

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