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Andy Kuniyuki

Money grows when it is planted in a fertile field. You need to know about products that people will want, taking into consideration both cash flow and appreciation. Mike, who initiated the Club, helps you understand the products and where to find fertile fields to grow your money. I know because my investments with the Club are returning 26 percent.

Richard Pietroski

I am able to make more informed decisions as a result of the educational component of the club. I have enjoyed success in a number of the club investment opportunities. Also the education and connections I have made (especially with Dr Gunter) have been invaluable to me.

Arnold and Zipora Keller

My wife and I joined the Club in November 2018. Our experience since then has been outstanding due to Mike’s dedicated guidance and market insights. He has introduced us to two different investment opportunities in a short time. We have chosen to invest in one of them and have great expectations that it will do well based on the track record of the principals. We are well pleased. Thank [...]

Upcoming Club Events

  1. ICOA Econosummit 2020

    February 29 - March 1