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Jerry Paluha CPA

LVIC has opened the doors to a better human and its not just making or increasing ones wealth but more importantly meeting many other members, learning from many one of a kind people. It also brings not only a concern for ones health but the health and welfare of our community and country. It makes us aware of what it is to live in America and understand that freedom [...]

Linda West

We appreciate all the education, the integrity of all the presenters at meetings and the high level of accountability in discussing potential investments. The LVIC annual ‘EconoSummit’ makes subjects that tend to be a bit ‘dry’ totally engaging and informative

Paul Ford

I've been involved with Mike for over four years; I met him at the Money Show. I liked the concepts he expressed, but joined with a lot of cynicism. In the time I have known Mike, that cynicism has dissolved into an exceeding amount of respect and admiration for him. In fact, I have entered some investments that I was not familiar with yet based on my regard for [...]

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