Ten Reasons to Board the “Free Enterprise” at FreedomFest 2017

FreedomFest celebrates their spectacular 10th anniversary with the top 10 sessions for 2017 which include but do not limit:

-Trump Debate – Juan Pablo Andrade / Wayne Allyn Root / Jeffery Tucker / Ronberto Salinas moderated by Nick Gillespie
-Steve Forbes
-Debate! Greed & Selfishness: Virtues or Vices? Ayn Rand – Jenifer Grossman / Ben Frankil – Mark Skousen
-New Frontiers – Brent Leonard, Michal Shermer & Jose Cordeiro
-Rules for Radicals – Dinesh D’Souza, Grover Norquist & David Allinsky
-Financial Gurus Debate – Are all Gold Stocks Buring Matches?
-Anthem – The Libertarian Film Festival
-Asia and the rise of the state capitalism
-John Stossell Confrontation

FreedomFest 2017 LVIC Member SPECIAL Registration Pricing:

Single Regularly $595 – LVIC Special $445

Couple Regularly $895 – LVIC Special $745

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