Now Invested: 3 Gyms

We have now invested in 3 gyms. Here is the quick update:

Northridge UFC:  We just opened this gym and we signed up 118 members in just 10 days.  Out of the 151 UFC Gyms this puts us in first place for the most sign-ups this month of a single gym.  Second place is only at 84 members.   We charge $69 a month and our recurring monthly revenue is $18786.   We expect to outperform on all levels with respect to this gym and be at break-even in our first six months.  The normal cycle is 18 months.

Drillbased: This is a private gym Jeff has identified with great potential.  In the short time we have been involved the membership recurring revenue is close to break-even and in the summer we expect cash flow payments to be happening with this investment.

San Dimas UFC and San Dimas Crunch: We are part owners of the San Dimas UFC and Crunch Gym.  Again we are performing beyond all expectations.   Already we have in our first few months of investment $42000 in recurring revenue and our break-even point is $50000.  By Quarter 2 we expect to hit break-even and by Quarter 3 expect to start issuing cash flow payments.