Top Ten Reasons To Join Las Vegas Investment Club at FreedomFest 2016

At the June 8 LVIC meeting our speaker was Mr Mark Skousen, his position and the LVIC philosophy align almost perfectly – and are best described as ‘Libertarian’ The club supports Mark and his endeavors – ‘Freedom Fest’ being one of them. Described as a place where ‘Free minds meet to celebrate great books, great ideas, and great thinkers in an open-minded society’ one of Freedom Fest keynote speakers will be Rand Paul.

In American culture Mr Paul truly represents a touchstone of ‘Libertarianism’ and leads a lineup which runs from George Forman to Conrad Black (live by video conference).

Because of the relationship between the Club and Mark – our people have been extended a special price to attend Freedom Fest (from July 13 to 16 at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas) The regular price of $595 – is dropped to $299 for those members who register through the LVIC & from $595 to $399 for our non members. 

(Please note: If you have already paid your fees to attend this conference – there is nothing we can do to recover them!) The club receives no compensation for this – other than the opportunity to expose our people to a broad based intellectual platform from which to advance their understanding and education.

One aspect of this unique event (Mark will be debating against ‘Should classical Liberals support a progressive tax’. If you would like to register and attend – Please click on the button below:

FreedomFest tickets to the public start at $595 ( Due to the club relationship with FreedomFest we have been allowed to extend a discounted ticket offer of $299 for Las Vegas Investment Club Members & $399 for non-members.

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Click the button above to be redirected to Eventbrite to purchase your discounted Non-LVIC Member FreedomFest 2016 Tickets. For Information about LVIC Member pricing for FreedomFest please contact us.