Well Worth The Time – Top Notch Speakers!

“I have attended every one of the EconoSummit’s presented by the Las Vegas Investment Club. Each one has been well worth the time. I’ve learned much from the various speakers – who are all top notch.

2017’s event was especially good with two of the top economists in Mark Skousen (who writes investing newsletters and organizes ‘Freedom Fest’ each year) and Bill Strauss of the Chicago Federal Reserve. There is opportunity to interact with the presenters and time to ask questions and get responses in an intimate setting. There are often opportunities presented to invest in projects the club is involved with – so the potential is there to make money while at the summit. The club does a great job of presenting and coordinating the event. It’s clear there is a significant amount of time and effort to make it worthwhile. I’m looking forward to next year’s event.”

-Gary Bates

Las Vegas Investment Club Member