Travis Krauss

Travis Krauss is a ten plus year combat veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command, serving in 1st Ranger


Battalion and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Delta Force). He has numerous combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas of crisis around the world and is depicted as “Hobbit” in the book, “Kill Bin Laden,” by Dalton Fury. Additionally, he is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for actions in Tora Bora, during the hunt for Bin Laden. Following his active duty service in special operations, he was selected as a civilian instructor and trainer for Special Forces and then Joint Special Operations Command.

From there, Travis was called to transition into the corporate sector and assist in business development. Initially he built a Special Projects division of a privately held defense contracting firm that was a focused executive leadership organization, providing adapted solutions with specialties in training and leadership development, information operations, operational support, and unique business challenges.

Due to the demands of his current clientele, in 2009, Travis founded and led the development of Operational Postured Security Alliance, LLC (OPS Alliance). OPS Alliance is a TOP SECRET cleared defense contracting firm that designs and executes discrete training programs and Full Mission Profile exercises all around the country, primarily for the DoD and DoS Special Operations sector. Additionally, OPS Alliance has been asked to expand their programs into the corporate arena to provide various closely held services, to include electronic information exploitation and red cell operations.

Most recently is the latest of his business development efforts with an entertainment-based company: Adventure Combat Operations. This new company is the most realistic, apocalyptic, combat simulation in the world and is the “coolest new attraction” in Las Vegas! Additionally, it has already attracted the attention of numerous, international radio talk shows, news channels, magazine and newspaper write-ups, the LA Times, ABC’s “Shark Tank,” and the Discovery Channel.

He is a graduate from Central Texas College and has an educational focus in training and leadership. Additionally, he has two children, ages 21 and 17 and is engage to be married shortly.

Over the course of the last several years, Travis has spent extensive hours pursuing business and communications experience and mentorship amid a large network of other executives, professionals, CEOs, and business owners. The experience he obtained in military leadership, national dignitary correspondence, and combat-related high stress scenarios has led to professional public speaking and education in seminars with audiences ranging from dozens to 1000’s. Furthermore, he was featured on Nat Geo, “The 2000’s” and in a CNN documentary on a Special Operations Hostage Rescue mission entitled, “Declassified.”