The Las Vegas Investment Club is one of America’s largest investment clubs having invested more than $16 million since its inception – with a solid track record of success.

Set against the fact that over 90% of money managers underperform the market index – the Las Vegas Investment Club members have, over the last four years, invested in 10 deals. Four of these deals have been completed with a return of all capital plus profit. The other six deals are still ongoing – paying monthly distributions. All club deals are posted on our website here for member review on a quarterly basis. 


The Las Vegas Investment Club brings real empowerment to its investors.

The Club only invests in deals in which it can be involved in the placement of management or participate in a strong advisory role.  Club members can opt in or opt out of any deal.  However; collectively – members, with their varied skill sets, bring expertise in both the vetting process and/or at the management level – once a deal has been completed.  This level of participation is typically only available to institutional’ investors.

All club members are accredited or sophisticated (by securities definition) and several members have skillsets that lend well in order to participate in the companies in which we invest. There is an interview process to become a member – which verifies potential members are defined as sophisticated according to securities accredited or law.

 In addition, to the club’s strong performance we are also very involved in the community. We have been involved in assisting Foster Children in Nevada as well as the fight against Human Trafficking. In addition, the Las Vegas Investment Club led a strong lobby against the heavy – handed practices of HOA Collection Companies in Nevada.  Being a part of the Las Vegas Investment Club brings members much closer to community involvement.


Below the club 10 deals referred to above:

1. Las Vegas Tourist Attraction:Loan of capital to a local Vegas tourist attraction. Loan has been fully repaid and now member investors participate in a 4% royalty on gross sales indefinitely.

 2. Private Company Loan: Secured loan to a private company at 12%. Loan fully repaid plus all fees.

 3. LVIC Highyield Fund: Ongong monthly cash flow stream loan with 12% ROI.

 4. Private Placement in pre IPO company at $3 a share. Company traded as high at $8.59 per share.

 5. Private Placement in a tech company in pre IPO. Company bought out prior to IPO at 82% gain for members in 10-month time frame.

 6 to 10: Investment in 5 separate Fitness Facilities: Each deal is providing monthly cash flow stream between 9% and 26% ROI and paid monthly.