Pandemic of Fear – By ICOA Member Brett Gordon.

The following text, link to white paper and videos were submitted by member of the Investment Club of American Brett Gordon

Brett has ‘stepped up’ – and I am proud that he has taken this action.

Agree (or not) with his narrative – he has empowered himself to take control on what he feels is the best way to proceed.
It is for this reason I want members to see “personal empowerment”.      – Mike Lathigee

My goal in presenting my findings is to provide people with more realistic numbers, to reframe perceptions on the current situation, to refocus perspectives on what the future will bring and to rebuild trust in self, groups, businesses and societies.  Sweden painted a picture for their country as to how they were going to approach this pandemic and gained buy-in from their population by promoting real education on actions to take and allowing their people to maintain a good level of self-determination.  Sweden continues to take heat from many outsiders and their Scandinavian neighbors, but their more flexible people and economic oriented approach has resulted in an overall mortality rate of .04% which is less than the .05%+ mortality rates of Spain, Italy and the UK all of which implemented draconian lockdown and control measures.

As opposed to Col Jessup’s position in “A Few Good Men”,  I believe people CAN handle the truth.   People will do the right things if real leaders (as opposed to politicians) step and take on more Churchill-like resilience, clarity of mission and inspirational leadership actions and communications.  Real leaders build confidence through consistent, comprehensive sets of actions to be taken, preparing their communities and/or countries to take on the challenges they will face and to unite their peoples focus on working together to rebuild promising futures.  My success as a Logistics Officer in the Air Force, a business leader, and leadership ignitor was and still is founded on these principles and on leading by example to earn respect and trust first.  Once trust and confidence are established, leaders can move mountains.       – Brett Gordon

Please click on the links below for the ‘White Paper’ & 2 Videos as prepared by Brett Gordon

Pandemic of Virus or Pandemic of Fear (White Paper)
Pandemic of Fear or Virus – Quick Intro – 9 May 20 (VIDEO)
Pandemic of Fear Detailed version 9 May 20 (VIDEO)