October 23rd Las Vegas Investment Club Meeting

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As we all know – the normal focus of the Las Vegas Investm Club is on Real Estate, Education and Strategies (to make money). In addition to Steve Hawks updating club members on what is happening in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market, we are proud to bring all three components together in one format for our next meeting – Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:59 (yes we always start on time).

WHEN: Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

WHERE: The Orleans Hotel (2nd floor ballroom)

Special guest speaker: Ted Thomas (Bestselling author, real estate, apartment and office building syndicator) will show you a business model that utilizes a guarantee by the government to back interest rates of 16%, 18%, 24%, and up to 36% – on invested funds. (The profit checks actually come from the government)!!

You can start with only $100, a laptop – at your kitchen table. Buying Tax lien certificates and Mortgage free tax deeds.You’ll discover certain counties within the USA with 40,000 tax lien certificates available.

With the unpredictability of the stock market this is a decades old proven and SAFE investment strategy!

He will show you how to obtain tax defaulted properties with no mortgage for 10 cents on the dollar. Online in all states in the US, through 5,000 tax defaulted auctions – without having to travel.

Come and enjoy a very special evening that aligns strongly with the LVIC agenda and the background of our members.