October 20th, 2016 Club Meeting Video

The October 20th LVIC meeting talks about the performance of the club and provides strong economic guidance – not available in the popular media.

Covered in this meeting:

  • Concerns and outlook for the US economy
  • Why all members need gold and silver as a ‘hedge’
  • A behind the scenes look at the Clinton Foundation
  • Will we see negative interest rates.
  • Why the election result will have a negative impact on American culture
  • Learn about one of the greatest long lasting scams in America.
  • Learn who should have really ran for the President of the United States!

Learn about Mike’s Supreme Court Law Suit Victory at www.mikelathigee.com

Steve Hawks (a founding member of the LVIC) was our guest speaker for the Oct 20th – and he talks about:

  • His outlook for the real estate market, locally and nationally.
  • Why the Federal Reserve’s hands are tied if it seeks to raise interest rates.
  • What you can do in this economy to make money.

Learn about one of the current projects in our portfolio – called Jamacha. You may be interested in the deal we negotiated & how it was structured. Learn how we are achieving a minimum 25% return on our investment.

Club members participated in this project and completed the deal in less than 30 days – for more than $1.5 million.
(In fact – This deal was oversubscribed and unfortunately the club had to turn away those members who reached out late.)