Oct. 24th Club meeting video, Guest speaker Mr. Keith Smith.

Our Oct 24th meeting was a little different in that we held it at the SunCoast Hotel instead of the Orleans. We talk about why – and then go over some club business (including feedback from attending members on the last EconoSummit) prior to presenting our guest speaker.


For those of our out of town members that have not attended a meeting as yet – this run up to our guest speaker provides a glimpse into the club and our culture (especially with the allusion to Goldman Saks)


Our guest speaker Mr Keith Smith then takes over.

Mr Smith is CEO of Boyd Gaming
Boyd Gaming is a very big player in its market – with 24 Hotel/Casino’s and over 20,000 employees !

Mr Smith provided a very candid and unique perspective on his outlook for the Nevada and the gaming industry – with on overview for the economy in general. Surprisingly unassuming Mr Smith case is both engaging and comprehensible.


Our guest speakers tend to be as diverse as they are well placed.

We hope that you will add Mr Smith’s perspective to the many provided by our club meeting (guest speaker’s) in formulating your own understanding of the larger economy and its culture(s).