Las Vegas Investment Club “Middle Class getting poorer with new Fed Policy”

Senior Member of the LVIC shares his insight into the global economy at the Las Vegas Investment Club meeting. He explains: How the rich are getting much richer and the Federal Reserve Program of Quantitative Easing is very good for them – and not the middle class, How the Fed’s program of Quantitative Easing is positive for us – only in the near term with serious consequences in the long term.

On a more positive note:
1 Finally, it may be – that the ‘Fat Cats’ who created the circumstances that contributed to the collapse in ’08 are being held accountable.
2 Fundamental sectors are looking strong
3 IPO’s are fully capitalizing
4 China is stabilizing

As ever the LVIC focus remains on – what you should do today! (as well as the near and long term) in order to make money and/or stop from losing it.