LVIC Portfolio Performance Update – Nov. 23, 2016

Jamacha Holdings LLC: A fully secured loan that is convertible into equity. This investment has done very well and our members are receiving monthly payments based on 27% return per year. For example, an investment of 100k is netting 27000 a year in payments. A senior club member is on the management team.

Fitness Investment Group (FIG): A chain of 11 fitness gyms. We have an equity stake and also receive 12% return per year in addition to our equity. A senior member is on the management team.

VLOC LLC: A fully secured loan with personal guarantees from a major law firm. Currently paying 12% per year with monthly payments. Our lawyer meets with the company each week to oversee the investment.

Las Vegas Investment Club High Yield Fund: Loan capital to a sub prime public lending company that reloans at a higher rate. Been ongoing for 4 years and members receive 12% APR and monthly payments to member investors. A senior member is in weekly contact with the company.

Adventure Combat Ops (ACO): A local tourist attraction in Las Vegas that the club made a fully secured loan. Loan has been 90% repaid and then we participate in royalties of all revenue. Estimated cash flow to be 25% plus per year paid monthly. 2 senior members are on the Board.

Highmark Partners Realty: 51 properties purchased in Las Vegas. Members received 4 years of cash flow payments and then the 51 properties were bundled up and sold at a profit. Completed and sold.

WMODE: A technology company that the investment club invested and after 10 months of investing, Pete Thiel who is the co founder of Paypal, bought our shares for 92% more than we paid for them. Completed and sold.