LVIC Investment – Adventure Combat Ops Ranks Top 10 Entertainment Options in Las Vegas

In under 1 year Adventure Combat Ops ranks in the top 10 from over 244 entertainment options in Las Vegas, Nevada. Adventure Combat Ops continues to impress customers and the Las Vegas Investment Group members who invested in this opportunity. Below are a couple recent reviews Adventure Combat Ops – Zombie Apocalypse Las Vegas received on Google.

“Did this as a surprise bday gift for my husband. We are local and I didn’t want him to know what we were doing, so I arranged for pick up at the Bellagio. Seeing the big, black truck with a zombie head on the front of it was such a treat. The ride in the back of the truck (driven by Wombat) down the Las Vegas strip was so much fun.

The facility is so much more than I had imagined. We geared up and were put through some drills and given training on how to “clear rooms”, shoot, and kick down doors. YES, I SAID KICK DOWN DOORS!

The entire experience was absolutely thrilling! We have gone to so many shows, but this was so much better. We loved our OP leader Hawkeye. He made the mission fun and exciting.

Doing this with my husband was the best. We talked about it all night…our adrenaline was through the roof and we joked that we should start doing this once a month…just to feel young again.

I HIGHLY recommend this if you are looking to add a little adventure into your life. Great job, guys!”

-Michelle White
5 Star – Google Review



Adventure Combat Ops Agents at LVIC Meeting Sept. 20th – Featuring Wombat & Hawkeye


“The experience was exactly as described on their website: An adrenaline rush! “The real deal” war veterans that guided me(47 year old dad) and my two kids(ages 14 and 12) made the experience memorable for life. The staff showed 100℅ passion in teaching and sharing their combat skills and military background; Just that alone got them 5 stars. The rest was all icing on the cake. “Gator” was our squad leader; He was professional(by military standards), and considerate(he gave everyone equal time to experience leading teams into rooms and shooting zombies. Anyone considering this adventure should keep an open mind(embrace the experience) on how the staff behave…they are war veterans, which means they are more wild and fearless than civilized. We paid the economical price which gives you all the experience, but the basic tactical gear to survive. Next time I plan to go with the full price package, which outfits you in the most realistic tactical gear, and the photos taken during the operation look way more legit. The photographer that followed us through the coarse was a master at capturing great shots without taking away the feel of the overall experience. My daughter was terrified the first 5 minutes, but once she realized how much the staff got her back and convinced her she will get thru this in one piece, she got into the mission full speed and was bummed when it was over. We will definitely make Adventure Combat Ops an annual go-to experience when we’re in Las Vegas.”