LVIC Economic Outlook – 1st Quarter 2015

No One Cares About Your Money As Much As You Do

As investors, we need to be concerned with the manner in which we turn our monies over to financial advisors to invest for us. Too many advisors simply pile your money into funds, which in many cases, come with high front end load fees that pay the broker a handsome commission. These advisors have little more in mind than to collect those commissions. In 2010 new laws were introduced to stop financial advisors from large front end loads that did not represent the best interests of clients however, powerful Wall Street Lobbyists made sure these laws were not passed. Obama now is leading a ‘paired down’ version of the same laws that were introduced in 2010 and this will take a few years to pass and will meet with much opposition.

You Can Do This Yourself!

Reading this newsletter is an excellent first step toward becoming informed and capable.


The Economy: On The Positive Side

It is clear that the economy is adding a lot of jobs – at least 200,000 jobs each month for the past year.


The Story Behind Declining Oil Prices

The price of crude oil has fallen approximately 50 percent since the middle of 2014 due to an oversupply of oil and weaker worldwide demand.

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