Jamacha Holdings – CRUNCH Fitness Jamacha Update

Jamacha Holdings LLC: The club has invested in Crunch Jamacha which is a gym located in San Diego County with 7800 members.  The gym nets 60k plus  per month and the club has negotiated a preferred rate where members will net approximately 24% per annum net on their investment with a full security note over all the assets of the gym and personal guarantees from the owners.  After three years at its option the club can convert the loan into 50% equity.   The risk reward on this deal is disproportionately to the update and we are very proud of the deal we have structured.

One of our Senior Members is involved in the club on a day to day basis and works in the capacity of VP of Corporate Development.

See more details on the LVIC FIG CRUNCH Fitness Jamacha at link: http://fitnessinvestmentgroup.com/crunch-fitness-jamacha/