Jaclyn Scott

Jaclyn Scott is Soldier, entrepreneur, CEO and public speaker.


She owns a defense contracting firm called Outpost Gray which offers gender specific solutions to intelligence and security. Outpost Gray utilizes female-centric teams, augmented by males, to access person, places, and systems to combat terrorism and sex trafficking. Jaclyn works with politicians in developing laws and programs through legislation to combat trafficking.

Her military experience is extremely unique. One accomplishment includes her completion of the first Army all volunteer women team called Cultural Support Team (CST) training program in the spring of 2011. Upon graduation the females deploy with teams of Rangers or Special Forces to enable them within their operations. She completed 2 combat tours embedded with a team of Special Forces in the villages of northern Afghanistan.

She worked over 500 Key Leader Engagements (KLE) and 20 Direct Action (DA) missions in support of the Special Forces, subsequently supporting the 3rd Kandak Afghan Commandos. During her tours she served with seven different ODA teams in all nine provinces of northern Afghanistan. As a Staff Sergeant, Jaclyn received the Bronze Star of Merit (an award reserved only for the best Soldiers in the rank of Sergeant First Class and higher) for her outstanding leadership as Team Leader during combat.

Today, Jaclyn is a Chief Warrant Officer in Special Operations community (National Guard). She serves as an advisor for multiple nonprofits; one of which combats sex trafficking with Las Vegas, NV. Her strategies to defeat this crime motivated her to start a lifestyle brand called Tactical Divas™ that empowers women through self-defense and firearms training. She understands that empowering women leaders will empower our families. Families create communities, and stronger communities help us stop trafficking forever.

Jaclyn Scott At the Econo Summit 2018