Ira Victor

Ira Victor is a very dynamic and engaging speaker, with more than two decades of information security and digital forensics experience.


Ira Victor
When the FBI comes knocking, and you have no idea why –
You’re an unwitting participant in a cybercrime.
Cybercriminals are using small businesses and individuals to conduct attacks on larger and more lucrative targets. The attackers disguise themselves as you, because your network and your devices are easier to penetrate than – for instance – the bank or the power company, where expensive information security systems are in place.
When the FBI goes home, the lawyers show up. Now the real trouble starts, as you’re named in the lawsuits. Ira Victor will overview the attack methods, your countermeasures, and some ways to shift liability. He’s the principal at Privacy Technician, Inc., a Nevada corporation practicing digital forensics and cyber incident response.

 Ira is named as co-developer on multiple U.S. patents related to information security, and currently has additional patents pending.  He uses a client-oriented approach to  legal consulting, rejecting the industry’s customary reliance on  programmatic and impersonal evidence-gathering. Ira works to understand the facts of each case, with an eye toward preserving client resources. ​

His professional background includes work in electronic payment systems, enterprise mail hosting, incident response, data forensics, and eDiscovery. As a member of Infragard, Ira undergoes regular FBI background checks. Ira has earned and maintained certifications from GIAC and ISACA.​

Ira Victor co-founded a Computers for Kids program that has trained thousands low-income families to use more secure and more private, open-source Linux computer systems. The organization gives the students their computers for free, following their free training. This organization is 100% volunteer-run, and has never received government funding.