ICOA – July 14 meeting – Health Economist Exposes the Myths of Covid. Hosted by Mike Lathigee and ICOA

Joel Hay – Guest Speaker
Senior Fellow and Professor
USC Schaeffer Center

Joel Hay is a professor of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics at the USC School of Pharmacy, with joint appointments in the USC Schaeffer Center and the Department of Economics in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He was the founding chair of the former Department of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at the School of Pharmacy. He also serves as the USC project coordinator for the Rand Evidence-Based Medicine Practice Centers of Southern California, funded by the U.S. Agency for Health Research and Quality, and co-investigator at the USC Alzheimer Research Center, funded by the California Department of Health Services. He is a health economics research scholar at the UCLA Center for Vaccine Research. He is a founding executive board member of the American Society for Health Economics and of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Economics and Outcomes Research. Hay was founding editor-in-chief of Value in Health, the peer-reviewed scientific journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, until 2003. This journal, started in 1998, became Medline-listed in 2002.Value in Health was ranked #1 in two categories for 2004 by the ISI Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) with an impact factor of 3.657. Value in Health led all other journals listed both in the Health Care Sciences and Services category in the JCR Science edition and in the Health Policy & Services category in the JCR Social Sciences edition.

Joel has taught thousands in the medical field.  He takes on the draconian rules of the Government at all levels in the USA regarding the corona virus.   He discusses the catastrophic effects of this lockdown.   He focuses on Sweden as a role model – of how things should have been handled.   Joel discusses the negative impact of the shutdown and the countless improper decisions by politicians. “We now have 60 million unemployed Americans due to the pandemic”, Joel says.
Joel expresses his opinion, with conviction, as to why this virus is not nearly as deadly as is being propagated on the media.   He discusses that while this is a fast moving virus – it is the least lethal virus we have ever had.  Joel gives testimony that the only result of the lockdown is to create economic hardship with no result on slowing the virus.
Joel does not hold back of his attack on Dr. Fauci who is the Head of CDC.  Joel gives great examples from the American Prison System and the Swedish School system with compelling guidance why, we as Americans, should not be in a lockdown or forced to “shelter in place”.   Americans must look at the evidence not the politics of those propagating the shutdown. 

ICOA July 14 meeting video 2 JOEL HAY