Freedom Fest 2017

Mark Skoussen, who is listed in Wikipedia as one of the top 20 living economists introduces the Founder of the Las Vegas Investment Club, Michael Lathigee.  Mark discusses his personal success in investing in the Las Vegas Investment Club and this is a testament to the club’s strong track record.

The Las Vegas Investment Club, despite its name, is a national investment club with a consistently strong record of performance outpacing the market averages.   The club takes a strong stance and provides an alternative to the financial services industry.  It is our position that an investor who depends on the financial services industry for their financial future is embarking on a long slow road to chronic underperformance.   With more than 90% of all “managed money” underperforming the market indexes, it is time for libertarians to take control of their financial affairs.

Libertarians often believe in having little government involvement in their lives while paying little attention to the damage of the financial services industry, which can have a much more destructive result on their financial health.