David Leibner

David Leibner


Over the last 20 years David’s entrepreneurial endeavors have been developing technology solutions with in existing and usually antiquated industries.

From customizing technology in the real estate and insurance services industry to developing innovative marketing platforms including Social Office Suite an industry leading social media management SaaS being used by over 1000 hospitality venues.

David has taken ideas, done market research, built teams and created executable road maps to bring these concepts or platforms to market.

David Leibner grew up in New York until he went to college and now resides in Las Vegas for 23 years. Professionally David is most passionate about business and team building communication solutions and personally, music, food and photography.

Past Speaking Topics include:
● PatentReform(GooglePanelCES)
● PredictiveAnalytics(GooglePanel)
● CommonSenseConsulting(Keynote)
● GrowthandCultureThroughAccountability(Keynote)