Club Meeting – October 20, 2016


October 20, 2016
7pm – 9pm


Given that the content for this meeting is applicable to all Nevadians we have opened registration – limited to 50 non members. 

At this meeting founding LVIC member Steve Hawks will bring members up to date on these important issues:
(Currently Steve is the leader in assisting owners through the short sale process and representing many bank owned properties. Steve is also one of only a handful of agents that several banks have allowed to modify homeowner’s loans due to a change in income, loan fraud, loss of job etc. Steve and his partner have negotiated millions of dollars in reductions off homeowner’s loan amounts. They have closed over 10 million in recent short sale transactions)

Focus Points:

  • Find out why the FED will have difficulty in Raising Rates
  • With interest rates of 6 MILLION LOANS being adjusted the real estate market (nationally) is set for a shake up.
  • In addition find out about the impact of Chinese money into American Real Estate. You will learn why The United States has the 2nd lowest homeownership rate in history and highest values in history?
  • Is the Luxury home market crashing? Why Vancouver is down over 20%, the Hamptons are down 50%, Aspen is down 62%, and Miami is down at least 21% and all in a short time frame.
  • Where are the “NEW FLIPPERS” getting all their money? We will share the source!
  • Why is commercial Real Estate filling up strip malls so quickly?

We will share the investment strategy – that has beat most hedge fund managers – for the last 5 years!

Please join us & register below!


The Orleans Hotel & Casino
4500 Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103 United States


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