LVIC Member Deal: Adventure Combat Operatives (ACO)

Invested: $300,000 thousand

Year 2014.

The club members loaned $300,000 to a local tourist attraction. The club took a charging order over all receivables and all assets of the company. The club investors receive 20% of gross revenues until the loan is fully repaid.  Once the loan is fully repaid then the investors receive a 4% royalty on all gross revenues of the company.

As of December 2016 the loan is more than 90% repaid and we expect to be into the royalty stream in early 2017.  Based on expected $2 million a year in sales the royalty stream will be about 25% per year of the original investment – indefinitely.


What Is Adventure Combat Operatives (ACO)?

Rated on Yelp and Trip Advisor as Vegas’s top new tourist attraction the club provided start up capital to assist in funding the company.  The LVIC now has a Chairman on the Board for Adventure Combat Ops and is an integral part of the company’s strategic planning.

The attraction is a full blown production event experience where attendees receive “Special Ops Training” and then are immersed in a “call of Duty” type setting and operation.  The 70000 square foot, indoor facility, adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, is the place where the Apolcalypse comes to life!   It is a virtual life experience.   Adventure Combat Ops Team Leaders are elite, former Amry Ranger/Navy Seal/Green Beret,/Delta Force Operators.

The club is very proud to support the war heros that founded this company led by Travis Krause.  The Las Vegas Investment club loan is well on its way to being fully repaid and then members who invested will participate in ongoing royalty stream of revenue.


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ACO Performance Update – 90% Re-Paid

Adventure Combat Ops, a local tourist attraction in Las Vegas that the club made a fully secured loan. Loan has been 90% repaid and then we participate in royalties of all revenue. Estimated cash flow […]